Where it all went wrong


I really enjoyed reading this article, even though, or maybe especially because, it was so negative.

One of the author’s points that stuck with me was how libraries tend to have crap access to our digital collections. While that’s a trend that I have noticed as well, anyone who has priced getting a sleek and modern system can tell you the reason: it can easily add thousands of dollars to the cost of the project.  I can look at the California Digital Newspaper Collection with envious eyes all I want, but a similar system will not be implemented on my current digitization project.  I am not able to afford one and I do not have the technical ability (or the time!) to produce and maintain one.

Perhaps the best and most difficult to address point that the author made is how Google is the only source that many people go to for information.  It is, of course, much easier to access than any library, which would be bad enough for us, but I have, at least anecdotally, noticed another troubling trend: many young people regard Google not as an authoritative source, but THE authoritative source.

While the author made many strong points, after spending an entire afternoon trying to network a Mac to our copier, I must disagree with the idea of them being made for connectivity.

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