The Bogotá Manhattan recipe + markup

The Bogotá Manhattan recipe + markup

I have to say that I was a little bit incredulous when I first considered the using the itemprop attribute to markup ingredients for a recipe for search engines to detect. Who would want a clumsy list of recipes compiled by a search engine when they typed “Recipes with Sriracha,” rather than a human written article or blog post with hand-selected recipes that are representative of the way Sriracha can be put to use. In fact, the first results that pop-up on that google search are exactly that. This probably suits a more direct query like the above; however, I realized that the real value of marking up ingredients allowed to perform Boolean searches for recipes by ingredient.

One of the most interesting implementations of this is  This site returns recipes with most closely match the ingredients that you have on hand.  Not only that, when I sampled the recipes that where returned the ingredients were all marked up semantically.  So it seems there is a real tangible benefit to taking the time to think about the metadata encoding on your webpage.

2 thoughts on “The Bogotá Manhattan recipe + markup

  1. That supercook recipe builder is great! There are times when I open the fridge / cupboards and I think to myself, “There’s nothing to eat.” Sure there is! 😀

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