Low Output

I was reading one of the blogs of my coursemates and the way that she spoke about creating a lot of digital photos got me thinking.

I have noticed over the years that compared to most people I do not personally generate a lot of digital content.  I have always been somewhat tech savvy and I love technology and the internet, but that doesn’t seem to have translated well into content generation.

Even writing the course blogs and tweeting has been pretty difficult for me.  It mostly feels like I’m seeding messages out to the void.  Of course, it’s a little different with an audience that is made to read my output as a condition of passing the course!

Mostly, I think the non goal-oriented nature of producing material of this nature has been difficult for me.  I feel that I do better when I have specific criteria to meet.

Is anyone else having a similar experience, or is it just me?

One thought on “Low Output

  1. So you have no questions/comments on your own reading and learning or answers/comments on your fellow classmates’ writings?

    My advice is to reCheck the PLN readings, both the ones cited and the one you come across, for more ideas for distributed learning.

    Plus, metadata, as a topic, remains a dynamic concept underpinning the professional librarian’s work, so what you write about will also educate your professor as well! 🙂

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