What’s it all about?

My coursemate recently posted a blog about… about.  That is to say, assigning content to an about element when describing visual art.

This brought back, we’ll call them “fond,” memories of music history.  Although music is not a visual medium and would not quite be described in the same ways as an image, I think the same issues apply in this case.  While some works have a definite composer-sanctioned meaning, called programmatic works by sleep-deprived music majors, the majority do not, and some even have had meaning ascribed to them.  For example: the Symphony No. 5 by Beethoven is about the composers fate: deafness, while many pieces have names that translate like [tempo] in [key], like Allegro in B-flat major, K.3 by Mozart and do not have a meaning or even an affect ascribed to them.  For the works that follow the second example, I think an about section would most probably be inappropriate.

2 thoughts on “What’s it all about?

  1. I had not thought about the possible “about” in music – thanks for sharing! Do you know of any places that include this in their metadata description for music archives?

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