Ease of Use Beats All.

I was reading my coursemate’s blog and noticed this post about software to make video tutorials. What stuck out to me was that the method that was used to determine which of the two options would be used was how easy the software was to use.

I’m my spare time (which is not much!) I tend to read software engineering books and a theme which is constantly rehashed is that users demand many, many, more features that they use. In other words, all the advanced features which eat up production time and therefore of the cost of the project are almost never accessed by the typical user.

I think this relates to metadata in that one of the best features of Dublin Core and Omeka is that they don’t have so much superfluous features.


One thought on “Ease of Use Beats All.

  1. That’s a great point! Often you only need the basic features – those 15 Dublin Core elements – as they cover all the necessary information. Looking over our repositories in Omeka, I don’t know if it would be wise to add anymore elements since it’s already plenty of info!

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