MOOC Madness

One of my coursemates mentioned MOOCs on their blog and I personally am a big fan of these.

I am, technically at this point, in the Havard/EdX MOOC for computer science, so most of my experience comes from that.

Why technically, you might ask?  Because grad school and a full-time job eat up a bunch of time! Which means the MOOC, which there is no penalty for failing, takes a back burner more often than not.

Even with this and other shortcomings I think that MOOCs and similar resources are the next great levelers in education. Attending a Harvard lecture for free is available to anyone with internet access and that to me is absolutely amazing.

The biggest problem to me is that anyone can start a MOOC so the quality of the information could be suspect and using the MOOC I am in you can pay for a certificate.  The problem with that is that someone could dedicate themselves to this course and not be able to afford the credentials to prove their newly found knowledge, perhaps libraries will play a future role in reducing this gap.

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