Librarians as Consultants

This article outlines the benefits that librarians could potentially offer companies that make use of DAMs in their business operations.

I have to say that I’m extremely skeptical of the logistics of this endeavor.  Would the librarian be a contractor or a consultant? If so, the librarian would have to sell him or herself past the very firmly standing stereotype that librarians are the ones behind the checkout counter books and issuing shushes. After that is the librarian doing this during normal work hours? If yes, then this activity has to be sanctioned by the body that controls the library and I don’t see a city government condoning the use of this time. Furthermore, if a librarian was to break off from their library and contract out this kind of work, is it meaningful to call them a librarian still?


One thought on “Librarians as Consultants

  1. You raise some really good points! To me, it seems a librarian would have to devote more time to a project like they’re suggesting than a consultant would. Also, I would argue that this is more in the realm of the “information professional.” Maybe branching out and embracing terminology like that will stop the whole “librarians sit and check out books all day” mentality.

    (Also, you gotta love the typo in the first subheading of the article…)

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