The Future of Search

This blog discusses the blog post of another blog on the future of search over the next few decades.

While a little healthy speculation is just that – healthy. There was one part of the article that was genuinely bizarre to me.

That is that the author implied that search engines were 1) moving away from lists and 2) that this was a positive thing! The author mentioned that lists imply a ranking, even when they do not, but I cannot imagine a pile of data that is so large that it must be searched and that you do not want the results to be ranked. In my experience Google’s search ranking has been mindbogglingly outstanding given both the shear amount of data that it churns through and that millions of people are actively trying to sabotage it at the same time. I understand that sometimes innovation comes from looking for novel solutions, but I think this is a don’t reinvent the wheel type scenario.

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