My coursemate recently posted on their blog about posting on their blog, a metapost, if you will. So I’ll take the opportunity to post on my blog about the post on their blog about posting on their blog: a meta metapost.

In all seriousness, I must that I share some the hatred of blogging and tweeting – I only have Facebook because it’s impossible to contact people without it, but I also think that it was good to stretch my horizons in this way. I think the problem that I have is a mindset of “Only speak if you can improve the silence.” It’s hard to call the internet silent, but all analogies must breakdown somewhere! I think this gets to a core issue with the vastly connected world that we find ourselves in today. It seems that there are no longer small ponds for us to be big fish in. 


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  1. Agreed. Unless it’s something I really, really want to talk about, I’m not really into interacting with social media either. Maybe it’s an introvert thing?

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