Several of my coursemates have posted blogs about the creation of their indexing guidelines, such as this one.

I elected not to do this for several reasons, the main one being that my guideline was more straightforward than most, but also it was due to the fact that I tend towards perfectionism in most things. Due to this personality feature, I tend not to like anyone seeing my works in progress. I have been trying to fight that somewhat with my blog posts since they are supposed to be relatively informal and it’s been interesting for sure. For one thing I usually don’t have a such a high net forward cursor movement! I tend to erase more than I write somehow with most things.

So it’s been an interesting stretch to let this blog output flow more naturally.


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  1. Same here! My guideline was Publisher for the football images. While it did change, the only blog I submitted about it was the first draft. However, it was interesting to see the guidelines for the more complex elements take shape!

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