Are you experienced?

My coursmate recently posted to their blog about what to include on your resume. Which is interesting if you consider that your resume is nothing but metadata about yourself.

Specifically the question was concerning if you put course experience on your resume and the answer that I have found gives me the most success is yes. Well, yes with the caveat that you have to sell it in your cover letter. If you can defend the work that you did in a course and talk about the material in an intelligent way I believe that potential employers will respond. Will it give you the edge over someone who has a few years of job the job experience? To quote The Wolf of Wall Street: Absolutely not. It’s hard to win over those people, but what it does do is give you an advantage over your peers who have a similar experience level as you, it’s an easy way to appear more interested and dedicated to your own development, which is a must-have to stay relevant in this or any field.


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