Wherefore art thou Romeo!

My coursemate recently blogged a post mentioning the Tremendous work: The Intellectual Foundation of Information Organization to which I was first exposed to by our very own Dr. MacCall in the very first library that I attended.

Part of the post was intriguing to me because it mentioned what surely is simultaneously the best and worst movie to have ever been greenlit: Romeo + Juliet. Particularly if that constituted it’s own work and invited peers to provide thoughts.

In the case of this particular movie, despite it’s appearances, has much the dialog preserved from the original version. In it’s own way, it’s more close to the original work than many adaptations that conform to the time period most closely. Also, to me it is clear that this work is a direct derivative of the Shakespearean original.

In this same vein West Side Story is influenced, heavily influenced, by the same play, but I think that in this case it has enough of it’s own character, for lack of a more technical term, in away that the above movie does not. It brings something new, artistically, to the table.


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